Patna is situated on south bank of the river Ganga. And as said earlier when it comes down to Buddhism, Patna is a place to talk and rejoice about. Tourists who are interested in Buddhism, Patna makes for a great place to start with. Patna, the city was also visited by the Buddha who knew it as Patiligama. He used to come here for various occasions. Ashoka had a great influence in spreading Buddhism here and thus made this as the third venue for the Buddhist Council. The city has been highly ranked in the travelogues of Megasthenes and Fa -Hien.

Following are the Buddhist Attractions which can definitely satisfy your quest for Buddhism effect in Patna.

Patna Museum:

The Patna Museum is a must visit for a Buddhist tourist. Located on the Budha Marg, the museum displays a quality collection from the times of 8th century. With two exceptionally beautiful statues of Avalokitesvara and Maitreya in the main gallery, the statues have the gentle smile on their faces which will definitely leave you speechless. With the showcase of compassion in the lifeless yet cheerful statues, there is a touch of Budha in every corner.


Buddha Relic casket: It is one of the most desiredthings for the Buddhist Tourists. The Holy Relic Casket, containing the ashes of Lord Buddha was found in 1958-59 at a mud stupa site in Vaishali. It was built by the Lichchavis in the first half of the 5th Century BC.The casket is made up of soap-stone and the ashes of the Almighty were found under the lower layer with the soap stone. A leaf, a silver piece and a glass bead was also found in the casket. This not only has a strong touch for Buddhism but also the real feel of it.

 Buddha Smriti Park:

The park which was inaugurated by His Holiness Dalai Lama is sometimes called Buddha Memorial Park.Buddha Smriti Park is a park located on Frazer Road near Patna Junction. With 2554th birth anniversary of the Lord Buddha, this was a gift for the God by the State Government. With Buddhism effect on the city, this park has the areas full of Buddhism and at its best.

Meditation centre:

The Meditation Centre has been established to create a unique facility dedicated to the derived from plan of the monasteries in the ancient Mahavihara of Nalanda.

Park of memories:

This park is filled with stupas all the way. These are a true reflection of Buddhism.


The Museum building impersonates the free flowing natural form of the Buddhist Cave Monasteries of India that evolved from the earliest examples of Barabar Caves found in Bihar.

With perfect 3D effects, this all takes you to a whole new world.


The Stupa treasuring the divine relics of the Sakyamuni Buddha, is the focal point of the Buddha Smriti Park.

Patna is surrounded by important religious centers for the Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains. But Buddhism and the myriad dynasties from ancient to modern times are all over the place.