Buddhism is one of the major religions in India. It is a very peaceful religion and many across the world follow it. Although Gautama Buddha founded Buddhism, it gained immense popularity when King Ashoka embraced it after the bloody Kalinga war. He took a vow never to harm any living being again, and worked towards spreading the religion throughout the region during his time. Buddhism thus spread to the neighboring countries of India such as Sri Lanka, China, and Tibet.

The footsteps of Buddha tours in India is a popular tourist travel itinerary for people who arrive in India with the intention of learning about Buddhism, and to visit some of the most important Buddhist sites. The tour lasts 12 days and 11 nights, and one will get to travel around Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Patna, Kushinagar, Lumbini, Balampur, Lucknow and back to Delhi.

Day 1:

On the day of your arrival in Delhi, you will be received by our representatives who will lead you to your hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 2:

On the second day, we shall travel to Agra in Uttar Pradesh via train. In Agra, we shall see Fatehpur Sikri, the famous Taj mahal and the Agra Fort.

Day 3:

On the third day, we shall travel to Varanasi by flight. We shall leave for an excursion to sarnath and return to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 4:

We shall spend the fourth day in Varanasi, going on a boat ride on the holy Ganges in the morning; visit the holy Bharat mata temple and the Benaras University. We shall dive to Bodhgaya in Bihar in the afternoon, and stay there overnight.


On the fifth day, we shall tour Bodhgaya, which holds a lot of religious significance to Buddhists. We shall visit the Maha Bodhi temple, and stay overnight at Bodhgaya.

Day 6:

On the sixth day, we shall drive to Patna early in the morning. We shall visit Nalanda and Rajgir on the way, both that are significant Buddhist sites. We shall stay overnight at a hotel in Patna.

Day 7:

On the seventh day, we shall travel to Kushinagar via Vaishali. We shall check int o a hotel an d travel to Maha Pari Nirvan temple and Rarmbhar Stupa amd return to the hotel at Kushinagar.

Day 8:

On the eighth day we shall drive to Lumbini in the morning, check in to a hotel, and visit the Mayadevi temple, stupas and the Ashoka Pillar. We shall stay at Lumbini overnight.

Day 9:

On the ninth day, we shall drive to Balampur and visit Kapilavastu. We shall spend the evening and overnight stay at the hotel in Balampur.

Day 10:

On the tenth day, we will drive to Lukhnow, and visit Sarasvati on the way. We shall travel to Delhi via train, and stay overnight in Delhi.

Day 11:

We will visit the plenty amazing places in Delhi including the red fort, Humayuns tomb, India gate, Qutub minar, Chandini chowk, Jamamazjit, Rashtrapati bhavan etc. We shall stay overnight in Delhi.

Day 12:

On the 12th day, we will so to the International Airport in Delhi, and bid adieu.