There are many beautiful places to be in world. But there are places that are must visit that includes all the places of Buddhist pilgrimage. There are tours that would organize a beautiful tour for you so that you could enjoy without taking too much tension and worrying about managing the trip.

Day 1:

one of the prime places to visit when you are visit pilgrimage places is Gaya as this was the place where Mahatma Buddha gained knowledge and moksha. So we reach the international airport and check in to a nice hotel in Bodh Gaya. Bodh Gaya was the place of enlightenment and a spiritual home of Buddhist. Bodhgaya is situated on the shore of river Niranjan and one of the holiest places to be in.

In after noon we will visit various places around the city of Bodhgaya, which includes the MahaBodhi Temple – temple of Mahatma Buddha and a scared place for Buddhist all over the world, Maha Boddhi tree aka tree under which Mahatma Buddha attained enlightenment and knowledge of moksha hence it is very sacred. We will pay visit to various monasteries and museum in the area.

Day 2:

Bodhgaya- Rajgir- Nalanda – Patna: – in morning we leave from Bodhgaya to Patna which is capital of Bihar and approximately 200 kms from Bodhgaya. On route we will be visiting Rajgir and Nalanda. Rajgir use to be the capital of Magadh at times of Mahatma Buddha life and was one of the prominent places Mahatma Buddha visited. Mahatma Buddha spent around 12 years of his life in Rajgir and the first Buddhist council after the Buddha was hosted here at the Saptaparni caves. In after noon we will visit Gridhakuta Hill, Bimbisara jail. From here we will drive to Nalanda, which is like 14 kms away, and one of the prominent site for Buddhist. It used to be the most prominent university in ancient time and a center of Buddhist studies at that time. Then we drive for Patna, which is 90kms and then transfer to a hotel for overnight stay.

Day 3:

Patna- Vishal – Kushinagar: – in morning we proceed to Kushinagar which is around 250 kms from Patna and enroute we will be visiting Vaishali a place where Buddha announced his approaching of his Mahaparinirvan. From here we will continue our drive to Kushinagar (a place where Mahatma Buddha left the worldly pleasure after giving the world a hope of light, the Buddhism). On arrival we check into the hotel and then we go to visit Mahaparinirvana Temple (where Buddha took his last breathe) and Rambhar Stupa (cremation site of Lord Buddha).

Day 4:

Kushinagar – lumbini: – we drive to the birthplace of mahatma Buddha that is Lumbini. We check into the hotel and then we make a visit to Mayadevi Temple, place of Mahatma Buddha’s birth. The place is blessed with serenity and natural beauty at its best, some thing that suits the place where a legend was born.

Day 05:

Lumbini – Kapilavastu – Sravasti: – in morning we will leave for Sravasti enroute we will visit kapilavastu. Kapilavastu was the childhood home of Mahatma Buddha. From here we go to Sravasti a place where the Buddha preached most of his sermons. Here he is said to have performed many miracles, and levitated. During monsoon he was said to be staying in Jetavana Monastery on the outskirt of this town.

Day 06:

Sravasti – Varanasi: in morning we will proceed to one of the oldest living cities of the world that is Varanasi. From Varanasi we will make a trip to Sarnaath some 12 kms from Varanasi. Here Mahatma Buddha taught his 1st sermon to his 1st five disciples to enlighten them and help them achieve moksha. We will make a visit to Dhamekh Stupa – which is one of the most visited and most revered Buddhist Shrines in the world and to the Sarnath Museum.

Day 07:

Varanasi – Bodhgaya: – sunrise from river Ganga is beautiful so we will make an early morning boat ride to do so. From here then we will drive to Bodhgaya, which is somewhat, 242 kms. We will transfer to hotel and then we will go to Dungeswari Caves where Buddha had meditated for some time and Niranjana River. Will stay over night in Bodhgaya.

Day 08:

Bodhgaya – Onward Destination: – we will part our ways and take our respective flights to further destination from international airport of Gaya.