In modern world, Buddhism has found its true standing yet again. With the increasing number of intellectuals embracing this divine religion, the quest to experience Buddha’s wisdom closely is unprecedented. India particularly, is a country where Buddhism is firmly rooted. From skillfully constructed monasteries to intricately carved temples, this religion is a refuge for many humans in search for peace.

The 10 day tour plan mentioned below aims at closely observing and understanding the life of Buddha and his teachings. The tour proceeds from the state of Maharashtra and ends up in Uttar Pradesh.

Day 01: Mumbai-Aurangabad

The tour starts at Church Gate in Mumbai. Sightseeing in Southern Mumbai covering the Parliament House, Prince of Wales Museum and Gateway of India. Marine Drive, the famous Hanging Gardens and Jain Temples will also be covered. Flight to Aurangabad from Mumbai Domestic Airport. Overnight stay at the hotel in Aurangabad.

Day 02: Aurangabad-Ellora-Ajanta-Bhusaval-Bhopal

Breakfast at the hotel. The tour then heads towards Ellora which is an acclaimed world heritage site. It is adorned with 34 monasteries and temples that were built during the period of 600-1000 AD. The temples and their architecture mainly depict highlights of Buddhism and Jainism. Stonework elucidating Lord Shiva is a major attraction.

The next destination will be the Ajanta caves. Accidentally discovered by a bunch of British Officers in the 19th century, these caves are an exceptional example of Buddhist architectural insight. Arrival at Bhusaval Railway station in the evening. Overnight journey to Bhopal.

Day 03: Bhopal-Sanchi-Bhopal-Agra

Breakfast. Visit to Sanchi. Witnessing the exquisite Sanchi Stupa. It is the main observation centre of Buddhist art and architecture that prevailed nearly about 1500 years ago. It is built of stone and is the most preserved stupa in India.

Boarding the train from Bhopal station to Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Arrival at Agra Cant. Hotel check-in. Overnight stay.

Day 04: Agra

Visit to the the majestic Taj mahal. This marvel built by Emperor Shajahan, stands out as the symbol of love. Carved out of marbel, it is a real wonder. Sightseeing at Agra Fort covering the sight from river Jamuna. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 05: Agra-Delhi-Patna

Breakfast at hotel. Road travel to Delhi. A tour of south Delhi including the President House, India Gate. Connecting flight to Patna. Arrival at Patna. Overnight stay.

Day 06: Patna-Rajgir-Bodhgaya

Breakfast at hotel. The tour then heads towards Bodhgaya, the land where Buddha obtained enlightenment. In the route, visit to Rajgir in Nalanda district. It was the home for Buddha for many years. Places to visit are Sapataparni Cave, Gridharkula, Venuvarna. The oldest university in the world, the Nalanda University is not to be missed. The region is endowed with the scriptures and architectural perks of the Buddhist period. Nearby regions are huge learning grounds for genuinely interested people. Arrival at Bodhgaya. Hotel check in. Over-night stay.

Day 07: Bodhgaya-Varanasi

The ultimate abode for all the Buddhists in the world. It is the land of Buddha’s enlightenment and houses the Bodhi Tree. Visit to Mahabodhi temple and local monasteries.

Evening time, tour proceeds for Varanasi. Arrival and overnight stay at Varanasi.

Day 08: Varanasi-Kushinagar

Dwell into the beauty and serenity of the Ganges. Later, Head towards Sarnath, the heart of Buddhist learning and first centre of preaching by Lord Buddha.

Road drive to Kushinagar later in the evening. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 09: Kushinagar-Lumbini-Sravasti

Breakfast. Visit to Ramabha stupa where Lord Buddha was cremated. Sightseeing at Natha Kumarka Kot that entails several Buddha figures in the state of nirvana. Heading towards Sravasti through Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. Visiting the shrines that stand preserved even today. Hotel check-in at Sravasti. Overnight stay.

Day 10: Sravasti-Lucknow-Delhi Departure

Tour of Sravasti which was one of the six largest existing cities in the Buddha period. Visit to Saheth and Maheth contain ruins of a prosperous Buddhist era and house many monasteries. Further road travel to Lucknow. Board connecting flight to Delhi Domestic Airport where the tour concludes.