Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha is a very sacred place for the Buddhists as it is the birthplace of Lord Gautama Buddha himself. It is in this place that Buddha lived till he was 29 years old as a prince. Lumbini also comprises of the pond where his mother, Queen Mayadevi took her holy dip before giving birth. This is also the place where Buddha took his very first bath.
Lumbini is a place located at the foothills of the Himalayas. In ancient scriptures, it is described as a place rich in flora and fauna and to this day it retains its beauty. From dawn to dusk, pilgrims can be seen reciting mantras and meditating. Lumbini is also famous for its Mayadevi temple. Ashokan Pillar is yet another famous attraction here. It is a very famous UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Authenticity and Remains:

Various archeological excavations and projects have been constructed in Lumbini. This has been a sacred place from the very early times judging by the remains of numerous temples. The various remains are now under protection and preservation and most are open to the pilgrims. The archeological remains are now the property of Nepal Government.


It is believed that Gautama Buddha was born to King Suddodhana and Queen Mayadevi who ruled over the kingdom of Kapilavastu. As history goes, Mayadevi gave birth under a sal tree on her way to her parent’s house. The exact birthplace of Buddha is a very religious place where thousands of people flock every year. Buddha lived in this town most of his youth and then travelled to seek enlightenment. Thus among the four most important Buddhist religious places, Lumbini holds special importance. The Ashokan Pillar that stands tall in this town is the product of the staunch devotion of King Ashoka, who visited the holy birthplace to seek blessings.


Nepal’s Government has released coins featuring Lord Buddha and his mother Queen Mayadevi. An airport at Bhairahawa is named Gautama Buddha Airport.